Holidays with elements Kitesurfing are just epic fun

A Lithuanian, an Irish man and a Spaniard walk into a bar…. The Bar was called Pachamama. There were 10 mojitos lined up on the table. Yes this was the start of an amazing week in Tarifa on one of the Elements kitesurfing holidays.

After many Facebook posts, texts and emails Elements Kitesurfing had convinced 10 of Galway’s finest to come on a kite surf holiday of a lifetime in Tarifa, Spain.

Armed with kites, boards, wetties and good spirits the gang committed to a week of sun, sand, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and lots of good, honest to God craic!

Kitesurf holidays with Elements are great fun and you learn loads

Jorge and Sue showing off 🙂


We struck it lucky with our luxury villa attached to the amazing restaurant/poolside bar Pachamama, right on the edge of one of the best kite beaches in Tarifa. We struck it even luckier getting hooked up with the Spanish kiteboarding champion, Alvaro Onieva, for three days of instruction!

Tarifa has been voted one of the best places to progress in kiting and the Elements Kitesurfing trip did not disappoint. The groms perfected their dodging skills and managed a few sweet rides and accidental jumps. Alvaro pushed the others into trying new tricks and helped them master some old moves. Jorge, our token Spaniard, even scored himself some private lessons with Alvaro’s Dad.

During the kitesurf holidays quality instruction is key

Alvaro showing us how its done

We had fairly consistent winds and the infamous ‘Levante’ wind rearing its head for us. With 11km of sandy beaches we had plenty of choice where to kite during the week. Alvaro steered us in the right direction each day.

On our non-windy day we made a trip to Malaga’s wakeboard park. The group were split into three camps – those who could wakeboard, those who could face plant with style and those who laughed at the face planters and whooped at the wakeboarders while sipping mojitos in the sunshine.


Non windy days on your kitesurf holidays you can go Wake boarding

At the Cable Park in Marbella

The beauty of this trip was that the wind never kicked in until after lunch. This allowed for the group to go buck wild each night, recover in the morning with a dip in the pool and hit the water in the afternoon – The perfect Kitesurf holidays!

Kitesurf Holidays with elements are always about having fun whilst progressing

Clodagh and Alvaro

The food was emotionally good in Pachamama and Tarifa town. The cocktails were spectacular and the dancing at night was epic!

Elements would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who made this an unbelievable kite trip.

Jorge, our translator and resident sly dog.

Máirtín, for his contagious laugh and stamina.

Darius, for convincing us that hangovers do not exist.

Ruaidhrí, for introducing us to Football Special.

Mike, for all the ‘encouragement’.

Sue, for her morning yoga sessions.

Jess, for introducing us to extreme sun protection

And last but not least a massive thank you to Cristobel for helping us connect with Alvaro, score sweet accommodation and for bringing the Spanish craic! Kitesurf holidays are a great way to meet friends.

Kitesurf holidays with elements kitesurfing are more then just keeping fit

Just kidding! No Yoga camp here 🙂

We are already gearing up for another trip to Tarifa September 2016. Details will be on our website soon.

Happy Kiting




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