Kitesurf lessons with the best kitesurf school in Ireland

Who run the world? Girls! – Beyoncé Knowles

Well if Queen B says it it must be true.

Kitesurfing lessons with Elements in Galway and Belmullet


As you know Elements Kitesurfing has launched its new website last week. After much negotiation in the headquarters of Elements Kitesurfing I have managed to convince Reinier to encourage more girls to kitesurf in 2016. So he has given me a carte blanche to offer girls a 10% discount on all Alana Naish gear, girls Prolimit accessories and kitesurf lessons!!**


Now fellas if you are listening and are sick of asking permission from your better half to go to the beach why not encourage her to try it out and come out with you. In the wise words of Mike Hughes – ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’.


Kitesurfing lessons with Elements get you moving and on top of your game

Come on girls. There are only 4 of us in Galway…. Come out and play.

**Niko this does not mean that you can buy all the girlie Pivots and Bars!!

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